Widen your brand's exposure while helping us run BWR!

Why Sponsor Us?

The Bungwak Run provides fantastic branding and targeted marketing opportunity at low cost not only during the Run, but also throughout the Old Boys Weekend. We estimate that the Run will be attended by more than 500 athletes, friends, and family members. You also has the opportunity to engage with other MCKK / MCOBA Community members attending the Old Boy weekend.

What kind of exposure can I get?

Majority of MCKK Community members are comprised of highly regarded individuals and professionals. Sponsorship of Bungwak Run 2018 gives you the direct opportunity to enhance the visibility of your brand within the community and directly engage with targeted individuals.

We strongly believe in the value of having your brand presence during the Run and throughout the Old Boys Weekend. We invite you to be part of the Bungwak Run by contributing a small sum to help us manage and organise the Run.

Sponsorship Packages

Be A Sponsor

To become a sponsor, get in touch with the contact person below or click the Contact Us button and send us a message directly.