BWR 2017

The successful followup

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Message from the organisers

The Committee wishes to express our gratitude, so this is how we feel –

Thank you, to our Premium Sponsors – Nexagate, Gallant Crest, Vortex, Twin Towers Medical Clinic, Kelana Jaya Veterinary Clinic, Simply ARK, Ladangku, UEM Sunrise and Bro Chief Editor of the Malay College Magazine 1997.

Thank you to our Official Energy Bar sponsor – moolabar.

Thank you, to other Sponsors – Ilham Jaya Baru and Bro Ayai 96.

Thank you, to HM, Teachers, Present Boys and Staff of the Malay College Kuala Kangsar who facilitated and assisted the Committee from the beginning until the conclusion of the BWR’17.

Thank you, to MCOBA and the OBW Committee for the full support rendered.

Thank you, to Class of 96 for sharing the experience and guidance in running the first BWR and also for the trust given to us.

Thank you to the volunteers, the true heroes of the BWR’17.

Thank you and special shout out to Bro. Kamal Zainul from Class of 92 for being our eyes in the sky documenting the race.

Last but not least, thank you (with gula Melaka on top) to all the runners – the Bungwak Runners for ensuring successful convening of the second edition of the BWR. Seeing the grins and the smiles as well as the postings at the social media really made our day and makes us wants to give our best in the next year’s edition.

180 Bungwak Runners, lari pusing Kuale, Tahun ni udah selesai yob, lari lagi tahun depan ye.


Student Category: Azhar Ariff Trophy


Kome Keros Kanteri Ye
(Sponsored by Potoy C97)

Mohammad Razi
Akmal Arif
Sidiq Musleh

First Runner Up

Coyote Hensem
(Sponsored by Syed Jay C97)

Zyx Haikal
Muhammad Nur Aliff Syahmi
Tun Azri Iskandar

Second Runner Up

Super Adhu

Alif Durrani Zahari
Adam Iskandar Rossuhaimi
Muhammad Zul-Arif Zainal Abidin

Open Category: Tunku Adnan Trophy


Spark dan Rakan-rakan

Nur Ariesman Salleh
Hanif Sheikh Ali
Mohamad Asyraf Jamilol Nasir

First Runner Up


Muhammad Hilmi Hussin
Mohd Shairazi Aizat Idrus
Muhamad Afiq Azmi

Second Runner Up


Muhammad Hisyamuddin Abdul Rani
Anas Zharif Ahmad Jaafar
Syahrul Ramadhan Ahmad Kamal Ariffin

Veteran Category: Tunku Adnan Trophy



Feisal Abd Ghani
Shanaz Shamsuddin
Azrulhisyam Hussin

First Runner Up

Krazy Monkeys

Megat Mohd Rafizan Megat Abdullah Rafaie
Muhammad Shamsul Kamal Adnan
Tuan Mohammad Yusoff Shah Tuan Ya

Second Runner Up

Janji Habis

Md. Amin Md. Yunus
Zukaidi Abdullah
Feisul Idzwan Mustapha

Team List

Student Category

Open Category

Veteran Category



Class of 97


Class of 96