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Jalur Cahaya Sdn. Bhd. (JCSB) is a water engineering services company led by professional engineers with a combination of more than 30 years experience in the field of Non Revenue Water (NRW) management, turnkey project, operational & maintenance and process engineering. Equipped with the latest technologically advanced tools and equipment, JCSB has been actively involved in NRW reduction projects since its inception more than 10 years ago. JCSB strives to overcome and curb the current NRW woes triggered by pipe leakages & bursts, under-recording of meters, illegal connections, legal non-metered supply and water theft, to name a few. JCSB has been dynamically involved in NRW reduction in the Malaysian states of Selangor, Kuala Lumpur, Putrajaya, Sarawak, Labuan, Terengganu, Perak and Kedah.

For more information, visit www.jalurcahaya.com.my



Ladangku, a HALAL chicken producer providing chilled and frozen products at affordable price. Chicken are ready cut and cleaned for easy cooking with less fat. No chlorine, no hormones & no chemicals. Get it from our stockists in Klang Valley, Negeri Sembilan, and Johor Bahru.

For more information, LIKE US at our Facebook – Ladangku Maju:  https://www.facebook.com/ladangkumaju/


Moolabar is crumbled pieces of cereals, grains and oats that are baked, pressed and binded together with natural flavours into a delicious healthy energy bar. Moolabar offer a wholesome taste and richness in fibre; low calorie energy bar and gluten FREE nutritious bar for everyone to snack.

Moolabar is made with love for EVERYONE to enjoy especially those who are constantly on the move. With the right way of snacking, moolabar can keep up the energy level and mind on a busy and active day. Moolabar are available in many fruit flavour such Roselle Almond, Dates Almond, Banana Almond and Raisin Almond.

Moolabar is your nutritious, natural energy bar, a local favourite, made for good! Let’s Moola!

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Vortex Petro Consultant Sdn. Bhd is a fully-owned Malaysian company incorporated in 2011. With our main office in Kuala Lumpur, we currently serve clients in Malaysia, Singapore and the United Arab Emirates, covering both land and floating terminals, as well as sea tankers.

Our main responsibility is to provide reliable and trustworthy loss control and prevention consultations, which include quantity and quality control, operations expediting, stowage planning, tanks inspection, inventories, cargo shipping documentations and any custom needs required by the clients.

Our strength lies in our people: A skilled team of marine technical consultants whom our clients can trust to support their marine cargo operations at every stage. Every member of our team has a minimum of ten years’ experience of crude oil and other products, including chemicals, fuel oil blending, diesel and additives, offering our clients an unparalleled level of marine technical expertise to support their every need.

For more information, email [email protected].


KPJ Healthcare Berhad (KPJ), listed on the Main Board of Bursa Malaysia since 1994, is Malaysia’s leading private healthcare service provider. We remain committed to investing in leading edge equipment and state-of-the-art medical technology in an effort to provide positive patient experiences as well as enhance medical and surgical outcomes.

SLW-WalkiesWith more than 20 years of experience in the wireless communication industry, Supreme Landmobile & Wireless Corporation Sdn Bhd (SLW) is recognized as a leading Two-Way Radio Communication Solution Provider and System Integrator in Malaysia.

The company’s proven strength and success is attributed to its capabilities in providing superior and innovative communication solutions, ongoing engineering, customized solutions, sales and system support to achieve ultimate customer satisfaction.

For more information about our products, technology solutions and services, visit www.slwholdings.com.my or email: [email protected]


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