About the Bungwak Run

The Bungwak Run is organised by a group of Malay College Old Boys to create a long-term event that would benefit MCKK and its Alumni. This year, it is organised by the Class of 98.

Bungwak Run is a Relay Run with 3 members in a team taking turns to complete 6 laps of the race course. Each runner will run 2 laps of the 1.6km (1 mile) route, making the overall distance 9.6km. Bungwak Run aims to create a fun morning that encourages a healthy lifestyle, camaraderie and teamwork, taking place early Sunday before the traditional Old Boys Weekend (OBW) rugby match every year. The inaugural Bungwak Run was held in 2016 and the previous 2 editions received overwhelming response from the participants and those who came back for OBW.

To keep the Bungwak Run flag flying high, Class of 98 is pleased to take the baton and organise this year’s Bungwak Run. And yes, the pau’s are making a comeback this year and will be waiting for the runners at the finish line.

Bungwak Run 2018 will be held at the Malay College Kuala Kangsar on 1 April 2018, in conjunction with the Old Boys Weekend that will take place from 30 March to 1 April 2018. This year’s run will start at Padang Big School to recreate the scene when the present boys are flagged-off for the cross country event.

Each team consists of three (3) runners. The combined age of the team members will determine the category that the team will compete in. There are three categories:

Team members must consist of at least one (1) Malay College Old Boy (MCOB) or Present Boy. The other team members may consist of other MCOBs, family members (male/female), friends, girlfriends, Present Boys, MCKK teachers or staff members.